Minnesota Surrogacy Awareness

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    Surrogacy in Minnesota

    If surrogacy arrangements always turned out as beautifully as the commercial surrogacy industry wants us to believe, they wouldn’t keep pushing to legalize surrogacy agreements in Minnesota. There would be no need.

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    I started calling my womb a commodity

    More surrogate mothers are speaking out about instances of coercion, medical trauma, and feeling like a "breeder" for the wealthy.

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    • THE ATLANTIC: When Parents and Surrogates Disagree on Abortion

      Posted by Jonathan Liedl on February 18, 2016

      By Katie O’Reilly February 18, 2016When a woman agrees to become a gestational surrogate—meaning she’ll gestate an IVF-created embryo as it grows into a fetus—she and the commissioning parents will typically sign a legally binding contract. The terms vary widely from contract to contract and state to state, but the vast majority will include a clause […]

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    • Harold Cassidy, Baby M lawyer: "Surrogacy has intrinsic problems that are incurable by any law." #mnleg https://t.co/7zUMmtASSZabout 13 days ago
    • All child laws should prioritize giving kids opportunity to know and bond with natural parents. Surrogacy deliberately makes that impossibleabout 13 days ago



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